The power of positive, productive, interpersonal relationships

Philemon 1-25

The letter of Paul to Philemon is about relationships in the church. Following his salutation, Paul lists five vital elements for interpersonal relationships.

I. Affirmation of one another (vv. 4-7)

Affirmation is the greatest motivational factor in interpersonal relationships.

II. Accommodation of one another (vv. 8-11)

Here is the synergistic principle of a win/win relationship.

III. Acceptance of one another (vv. 12-16)

True reconciliation requires a repentant heart and a receptive heart.

IV. Allegiance to one another (vv. 17-21)

True commitment is one of the missing elements in many relationships today.

V. Accountability to one another (vv. 22-25)

We all need accountability in our relationships with one another.

We will never be properly related to one another until we are properly related to ourselves and this will only happen when we are properly related to our Heavenly Father.


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