The church in touch with a hurting world

James 5:13-18

We live in a world of hurts. Hearts are hurting, homes are hurting, and hopes are hurting. The church must touch the world with the message of hope. In addressing this issue, James dealt with the situation, the solution, and the secret.

I. The Situation (vv. 13-15)

People find themselves in all kinds of situations. Some people are in pressure situations, others are experiencing pleasure and some are in pain.

II. The Solution (v. 16)

There are two parts to the solution. The horizontal solution involves us in confession and restoration with our fellow man. The vertical solution requires that we pray for one another.

III. The Secret (vv. 16-18)

Effective prayer will help us make a difference in our hurting world. This type of prayer is approached with integrity, asked with intensity and answered with immensity.

For a more complete treatment of this passage, please see Getting Down to Brass Tacks by O. S. Hawkins.


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