SOS: Solving our setbacks

Joshua 7:1-2

I. Acknowledge the source of our setbacks (vv. 1-3).

A. Self-reliance (vv.1-2a).

B. Self-confidence (v. 3).

C. Self-centeredness (v. 1).

II. Ascertain the side effects of our setbacks (vv. 4-9).

A. Brings defeat (vv. 4-5a).

B. Brings discouragement (v. 7).

C. Brings doubt (vv. 8-9a).

D. Brings dishonor (v. 9b).

III. Apply the solution to our setbacks (vv. 10-21).

A. Conviction (vv. 10a, lla, 12b).

B. Consecration (v. 13).

C. Compliance (v. 16).

D. Confession (vv. 20-21).


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