For such a time as this

1 Chronicles 29:1–20

In this informative and instructive chapter of scripture we find King David and his people confronted with a challenge similar to many who are presently expanding their church ministries. The time had come to build the temple. David seized the opportunity to raise the money for this incredible, God-ordained building and left us some Biblical guidelines for supernatural giving “for such a time as this.” Note seven vital principles that follow.

I. The occasion of our giving.

This template is not for man but for the Lord God.
(1 Chronicles 29:1)
The occasion of our giving is God-caused. If God’s former blessings brought about our future needs, His future blessings will be sufficient to meet the needs His former blessings caused

II. The order of our giving.

I have given…my own personal treasures…then the leaders…offered willingly.
(1 Chronicles 29:2-9)
The pastor and leadership must lead the way in giving and the people will follow.

III. The origin of our giving.

For all things come from You and of Your own we have given You.
(1 Chronicles 29:14)
Our ability to give comes from God. “We have given you only what comes from your hand.”

IV. The object of our giving.

With joy I have seen how your people offer willingly to You.
(1 Chronicles 29:17)
We do not give to brick or to mortar or to the church. We give to Him!

V. The opportunity of our giving.

In the uprightness of my heart I have willingly offered all these things.
(1 Chronicles 29:17-18)
We have the opportunity with “uprightness of heart” to be a tremendous witness for Christ by walking by faith.

VI. The objective of our giving.

So all the assembly blessed the Lord.
(1 Chronicles 29:20)
The objective of our giving is that each one of us meets the Lord in the offering and gives by revelation and not by reason so that He gets the praise for all that is done.

VII. The outcome of our giving.

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power and the glory, the victory and the majesty.
(1 Chronicles 29:10-13)
The ultimate outcome of all we do is that the Lord Jesus Christ might be glorified and honored and praised. Our desired outcome should always be the glory of the Lord Jesus.

The task before the 21st century church is great. We are a part of something grand and glorious because what we are about is “not for man but for the Lord God.”


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