Economics 101

John 6:10-14


Anyone who has taken an introductory course in economics has discovered a basic law which governs this discipline. It is commonly referred to as “the law of supply and demand.” Simply stated, when demand exceeds supply prices rise, and when supply exceeds demand prices fall. A grocer who has people lined up outside his store for apples and has only a small supply is inclined to raise the price of the apples, knowing they are in great demand. On the other hand, should he have a large supply of apples and no one wants any, he is then inclined to lower the price, hoping to move them off his shelves before they rot. This simple law of supply and demand drives our economy.

I. Without Christ, demand always exceeds supply and the cry is not enough (vv. 1-9)

There was a demand (thousands of hungry people) for which there was no apparent supply. When Christ is not factored into the equation of life the cry is always, “not enough.” Why did this problem ensue?

No sense of planning (vv. 1-5)

All those folks got away from home without proper planning.

No sense of purpose (vv. 5-9)

Phillip’s first thought was related to how much it would cost to feed that many people. Andrew started well, There is a lad here with five loaves and two fish. But then he crashed also, But what are they among so many? There are Phillips and Andrews still around today constantly looking over the scene with only human ideas. Jesus was testing them (v. 6) hoping they would find purpose in the plight.

No sense of potential (v. 9)

Look at the lad. He left home that day with the potential to feed thousands and did not even know it!

II. With Christ, supply always exceeds demand and the cry is more than enough!   (vv. 10-14).

When Christ is factored into the equation of life the cry is always more than enough. What set this all in motion? The boy gave (vv. 9-10). The boy gave all (v. 11). The Lord could have performed the miracle with one loaf and one fish but he didn’t. The boy gave again (vv. 12-13). We never give anything to Christ and lose it. There was more than enough…12 basketsful remained.


When we live our lives without factoring Christ into the equation of life, demand will always exceed supply and the cry will be not enough. “Just a little more” will be our constant plea. However, when Christ is factored into the equation, supply will always exceed demand and the cry will be more than enough!


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