Crossing over into a new year

Deuteronomy 11:10-24

I. Introduction

January always brings an opportunity for a new beginning. It had been a long journey for the children of Israel now encamped on the eastern banks of the Jordan overlooking their promised land. They were about to cross over to their own new beginning. But before they crossed the river, Moses gave them a challenge and a reminder of some very important things to take with them as they crossed over.

As we stand now on the brink of this new year, we do so with the same challenges Moses gave his people so long ago. As we, ourselves, now have crossed over into this new year we are reminded of:

II. God's provision (v. 11)

III. God's presence (v. 12)

IV. God's promise (vv. 13-15)

V. God's protection (vv. 16-24)

As we have now embarked on this new year of opportunity and new beginning, we enter it with some wonderful reminders. We cross over with His provision, His presence, His promise and His protection. Yes, He didn’t bring us out except to take us in.


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