A vision for the future

Proverbs 29:18

Vision is vital no matter what our lot in life. God’s vision for the church will do five things.

I. Vision brings definition

When we truly capture the vision for what God wants the church to be, it serves to define our task.

II. Vision brings design

Understanding God's vision for the church helps to design how the church will minister.

III. Vision brings dynamic

God's vision for the church brings a sense of conquest to the work of the ministry.

IV. Vision bring direction

God's vision for the church provides a new sense of purpose and direction.

V. Vision brings dependence

God's vision for the church should be so God-sized that there is no way to accomplish the vision unless God intervenes.

God sees us and our church not so much for what we are but what we could be if we receive His vision for the work of ministry.

For a more detailed exposition on Vision, please see chapter five of The Pastor’s Guide to Leading and Living by O.S. Hawkins.


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