Modern day motherhood

Genesis 21:14:21

Mother’s Day often conjures up an image of a Norman Rockwell kind of world where life is simple and everyone lives happily ever after. In today’s world the real heroes are Christian mothers who are being both mom and dad. Hagar represents many of these modern day mothers.

I. The Plight of Many Modern Mothers (Gen. 21:14-16)

Hagar was the victim. Her fate was not her fault. We see her hurting, hungry and hopeless in these verses.

II. The Fight of Many Modern Mothers (Gen. 21:17-18)

Through a visit of the pre-incarnate Christ, Hagar puts an arm of protection around her son. In these verses we see her expectations, her encouragement and her example.

III. The Might of Many Modern Mothers (Gen. 21:19-21)

Through His mighty power, God blessed Hagar. In verses 19-21 we see Hagar’s provision, her promise and her persistence.

On Mother’s Day, let us thank God for all mothers and especially those single mothers involved in similar plights and fights like Hagar.


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