The Thousand Year Day

I recently kept our year old grandson, Truett, overnight so our daughter could get some much needed rest. He was cutting teeth, had a runny nose and for several days had taken impossibly short naps and awakened before 6 am. His squeals of joy at awakening the dawn, and lively jabbering were waking up the other three children, making for some really long days  - all which translated to an exhausted mom.

I expected to be awakened early and I was! He is quite the little “morning person” and immediately set about opening every bathroom cabinet door and removing every object as quickly as he could. Who cares about cute musical toys when you can sling numerous objects across the bathroom floor and unroll the toilet paper to the very last square?

Grandmothers have a unique perspective. We can sit and cheerfully watch a performance like this and not have one minute of chagrin. To us, it’s just adorable and shows how creative and bright our baby is! After all, we will soon hand him back to mommy and have the rest of the day to straighten up the house and maybe even take a short nap. But to moms of toddlers, it can seem like the days stretch into one another and never end.

Everyone says, “Enjoy every stage, it all passes so quickly”.  While we all know how true that is, lets be honest and say that still there are days when time is NOT passing so quickly! I was reminded of that this morning. Noisy kids, fussy babies, crying and squabbling – it can push even the most patient mom to her absolute limit.  These are the days when it does seem as if a day IS a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8). In fact, maybe Peter had just kept his own toddler when he wrote this, who knows?  So I say to all you moms of young kids, don’t be too hard on yourself on those Thousand Years Days. Don’t berate yourself or feel guilty and believe the lie that you are not enjoying your kids or being thankful for them. As the saying goes, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  Just get through it – it won’t be forever.

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