The Christmas Code

Daily Devotionals Celebrating the Advent Season

The Christmas Code

What can you buy for less than $1 anymore?
A Beautiful Christmas Advent Devotional with the plan of salvation!

  • Place copies at every house in your community as a gift from your church and insert an invitation to your Christmas services and events!
  • Provide copies to your members to place on every door of every home on their block as a gift with invitations to the church's Christmas services.
  • Provide copies to members for churchwide family devotionals during the month of December!
  • Give copies as gifts to visitors during November and December.
  • Place them in Christmas cards as a special gift!

Order bulk copies now by calling Thomas Nelson ChurchSource at 1-800-727-3480 or at Use promo code CODEFREE to receive free shipping. 

(Retail price is $2.99. Bulk purchases of 10 or more are $1.79 each, 50 or more are $1.50 each, 100 or more are only 99 cents each; 500 or more are 90 cents each, 1,000 or more are 85 cents each and 2,000 or more are 75 cents each.)


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